Duke & PBJ

First and foremost, let me apologize for the lack of consistency on this blog. Our photography blog is the eldest child of a sort, getting all of mommy and daddy’s attention. But we feel bad, and want to distribute the love. Here is what we’ve been up to lately!

  • Matt’s been working at the PBA library and loving it!
  • I’m wrapping up my last semester of college (yikes!)
  • Photography work has kept us busy, busy, busy but we couldn’t be more happy about it!
  • We’ve been preparing for a big, and unknown move of location for Matt to continue on to graduate school.

One of the possible places of study Matt is considering is the divinity school at Duke. We had a chance to go check out the school for a bit!

During our brief trip we were planning on taking another Durham day, but we happily got snowed in with our family in Wake Forest! We loved spending such sweet, quality time with Brian and Jennifer, and our adorable nephew Pierce.

We love you, dear family and friends. I’ll do a better job of keeping you posted on our fun and busy lives.


The Elias


weekend picnics and friends

What a wonderful and well spent weekend! On friday my best friend Alissa and her groom Brendan came into town. Saturday, we had the joy of taking their engagement photos! It’s always such a blessing when they come into town. I need Alissa in my life; Matt needs Brendan in his. We love them lots.french_case003

However, getting to downtown (which is only a mere few blocks) took forever as we hit some road blocks…


Matt and Bren assisted an elderly gentleman with a stalled car. We sat in the AC and took pictures. After a pleasant photoshoot we went to our favorite downtown spot: The Paris Cafe. Matt got the continental breakfast which we all decided was merely a basket of carbs. He was happy with his choice.


Later that day we had a lovely picnic under the tree in our yard with sweet friends.



devoured. full. happy.


Too tired for photos, Matt…

And what has Casey been up to this week besides getting good grades (wink wink, parentals) and working hard? Well, I’ve been knitting!


Tada! That’s all for now folks! We love you!

Hello, loves!

The last few months have been a whirlwind. From getting married, to moving, to starting work/school, starting Elia Photography, and the other joys that life entails, we have been pretty busy. With friends and family scattered across the country and in some corners of the earth, we hope this blog will help to keep everyone up to date on our busy lives! So to begin, I hope to brighten your day….

Matt, although only being a husband for about 4 months, has quickly learned the key to making a happy wife: the kitchen. He knows that I love to cook fresh meals, that I make sure all of our belongings and knick-knacks has a “home,” and I actually enjoy cleaning (yes, Dad!). However, there is one thing that I absolutely hate to do: the dishes. I don’t know why, but I think it is the most dreadful of tasks. Our whole house will be spotless, but in our tiny kitchen my enemy lurks, growing more and more with every snack and meal we put in our bellies. So as a sweet way to serve me, Matt joyfully does what I will not. While I will scrub with huffs and puffs of irratation, Matt has a different way of getting the task done. Enjoy:


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